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Insurance claims

Has your insurer refused to pay out on a claim on your policy?

If your insurers have not responded to a claim on your policy with a full indemnity or have only paid part of a claim, Parkers Solicitors can assist with further representations.


Parkers Solicitors has experience in presenting large claims in the Commercial Court and has achieved settlements in excess of £1m. We can also assist in preparing claims for consideration by the Financial Ombudsman Service where, in addition to the legal claim, an assessment can be made as to whether you were dealt with reasonably and fairly by the insurer.

Parkers Solicitors would be happy to provide a free review of your situation if you could send the following documents to

  1. A copy of your Policy (full terms), Schedule, Endorsements and Premium Receipts
  2. Proposal Form relied upon by insurers
  3. Copy claim form
  4. Insurer’s letter refusing indemnity in full or in part