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Dental Claims

If you have suffered injury because of botched dental surgery or procedures or for negligently performed non surgical dental treatment, let our experienced team of Solicitors and Barristers help you claim all the compensation you deserve.


Most cases are funded under a “No Win No Fee Agreement” (the proper name for which is a Conditional Fee Agreement), which means no risk to you financially.


We offer immediate help and representation by a dedicated Legal and Medical Team, including a choice of male or female lawyers, who can help you through this difficult time with care and courtesy.


Let us know what went wrong either by contacting us on 0161 477 9451 or by using any of the contact details which appear below. Give us your details and we will contact you in complete confidence.


The typical areas where, from time to time, dental surgery and procedures go wrong include:-

  • Defective crowns, fillings, bridges, dentures
  • Poor outcome root canal surgery, wisdom teeth removal, back teeth removal
  • Teeth removed unnecessarily
  • Defective implants
  • Poor management of oral health, decay and gums
  • Defective orthodontic treatment
  • Failure to consent for known risks


There can be numerous reasons why things went wrong including:

  • The procedure was not to the correct standard
  • A defective product or defective equipment was used
  • Not enough information was given to you about the risks associated with the procedure
  • There was no, or insufficient, aftercare


As well as claiming compensation for the injury itself, you can also, for example, claim for

  • Loss of earnings
  • Equipment/ medication costs
  • Medical/treatment costs
  • The cost of remedying the treatment that went wrong
  • Additional care costs

Whatever the problem, rest assured, we will listen sympathetically, advise you fully as to whether you have a Claim and, where there is a claim, we will pursue it vigorously and professionally.

If you need our help, contact us now. 0161 477 9451